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At the end of this section the suits are presented as a whole from Ace through Ten.

The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards

The presentation of the Honors or Court Cards includes small black and white scans, a short discussion on the card, the voice of the card speaking, and the cards position on the mandala. Each title Page, Queen, King and Knight is presented in a group i. At the end of this section is a summary of the meanings by suit.

Jodorosky posits that one cycle can be seen as the shadow of the other cycle. There is also a section entitled The Artistic Reading, included to help the reader develop their own spreads. Jodorowsky concludes the book with his thoughts on his own Tarotic Philosophy. I found this book to be interesting and worthwhile, even though I do not agree with some of the concepts.

This is a worthwhile addition to the Tarot library of anyone that wishes to move beyond the divination aspects of the cards into self-realization. She has had articles appear in the and Llewellyn Tarot Reader. All rights reserved. It is a book for the initiate. I must say that the first pages covering the historical context, psychological and numerological theory did not resonate with me, it came off as being very subjective, rather "how to understand the Tarots using my line of thought" which can be rather far fetched to be honest!

I did however like his description on the Major Arcana, he includes his own analyses small minute details on each cards are studied! There are pages per Trump and all illustrated with the relevant card image in black and white. The minors are covered with 3 pages but lumped together across the suits. The descriptions for each minor card are his own and varies somewhat from the traditional interpretation ie.

Fives in the minors represent Temptation? There is however a follow up covering the meaning of the suits in each minor card, lines per card.

By the way in the center of the book all the cards are shown in color. The best part of the book is imho probably the two by two card analyses. Jodorowsky identifies similarity, duality and interdependence of certain cards, through numerology ie. I and XI or by gender ie. II and V and through several other cross couplings. This was quite interesting and informative. The part covering practical reading with the cards, was quite good too, with several good example readings.

All in all I would say it is a good book but for advanced readers of TdMs. Dec 28, John rated it liked it. A dense and frenetic commentary on the Tarot by the Creep but inimitable Alejandaro Jodorowsky. Jodo has a few interesting comments, namely; 1. The Tarot should be treated as an entire entity, not a tapestry or disparate threads that come to a whole.

The Major Arcana is the Architecture of the Soul 7. The Minor Arcana are the humble guardians of the secret Each Number has its meaning as well , as well as by suit.

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Certain Combinations can be Duets 9. Pairs that Add Up to 21 convey additional meaning Numerical Succession and Transfer Reading the Tarot is like becoming a mirror Tarot Poker Reading Three Cards The Tarotic Philosophy Nov 17, Deluge rated it really liked it Shelves: finished-non-fiction. A very good read. I don't think I really believe in magic, clairvoyance, etc. I've been exploring tarot reading for psychological insight, and the author gives an exposition that does not push any specific spiritual dogma other than being open minded, and remember that tarot does not predict the future.

I should note that it follows the Marseille Tarot, particularly Camoin, I think. Mar 20, Justin rated it it was amazing Shelves: occult. Describes different aspects of tarot much like you'd expect. I know nothing of tarot so it's hard to rate but Jodorowsky seems to have both knowledge of and love for the Tarot although I generally like Jodorowsky so I am both biased and ignorant here.

(PDF) The Way of Tarot The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards | Henry Beyle -

Oct 16, Oliver Ho rated it really liked it. Most of it is material I will re-read and try to absorb. Mar 08, Cal Godot rated it it was amazing. If thought Crowley's book on the Tarot was wacky, you must read Jodo's take. Among the dozens of books I have read on the subject, this one rises immediately to the top five. Particularly for practical usage. Oct 04, Stewart rated it it was ok. I could not finish this. I love Jodorowsky's stories but his "interpretation" of the tarot is a sprawling frenetic mess.

I really truly and sincerely wanted to love it. Maybe I will return to it in the future, but it will be gathering dust for years I fear. Sep 05, Catherine Eberhardt rated it it was amazing. The most comprehensive book to date on tarot. Never ending reference. Could be slightly more non-binary in regards to sexuality, slightly dated, but overall the interpretations are incredibly thoughtful and powerful.

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Very important work here. Nov 16, Mica rated it liked it. This book makes great reference material, but I think it's highly worth reading once in it's entirety, if you can handle how dense it is. Aug 30, Lujain rated it it was amazing. Jan 06, Bill rated it really liked it Shelves: tarot. This man is insane. In a good way. I have to admit I started to skim once I got to the conclusion. This is the first tarot book I've read where I've concluded that I wasn't ready to digest all that it contained.

While the author gets some details about tarot history wrong, and meanders into idiosyncratic asides, the quality of the writing and the passion of his beliefs more than make up for the negatives. I will be coming back to this when I have learned more about the Tarot de Marseilles from more This man is insane. I will be coming back to this when I have learned more about the Tarot de Marseilles from more mainstream sources. I agree that this book is indispensable, but for someone new to the Tarot and this style of deck, I would recommend more basic works, especially Yoav Ben-Dov's Tarot the Open Reading.

May 29, Sara Gray rated it liked it. Three and a half stars. I really liked this history of the Tarot and Jodorowsky's explication of each of the Arcana's themes and interpretations. It helped me appreciate the nuances of Tarot reading and how much of an imaginative and psychological exercise it can be. That said, Tarot-reading is also for folks who like to nerd out on numerology, color theory, and a bunch of other complicated mind tricks that I'm not interested in at all. I was glad to learn more, but I won't be putting it into pr Three and a half stars.

I was glad to learn more, but I won't be putting it into practice myself. I skipped most of the last chapters on how to do a reading. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews "A profound work that is both penetrating and fascinating. In Stock. The Druid Craft Tarot Deck. Mystic Mondays Tarot. The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards.

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards. Universal Waite Tarot Deck. Sacred Power Reading Cards Transformative guidance for your life journey.