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by direct injection of cells, such cell-based therapies must be administered systemically Previous We have designed a custom build systematic setup ( Fig. action at this particular magnetic field and performed experiments in microvascular .. mation on MENR was also confirmed by magnetic force microscopy (MFM).

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We are fascinated by nature and we try to understand it.

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Humans always investigated the world with the means that were available: expeditions, mapping and survey projects, as well as experiments have led to new insights, which have frequently proved controversial. The more we know about nature, the more we want to use the resources provided by it. One example of this development is the German Continental Deep Drilling Program, which was conducted between and and ended with a 9, meter borehole: the deepest in Germany and one of the deepest on Earth.

Although it was dedicated to basic research on climate and seismic activity, scientists, politicians, and companies hoped that this project would also provide insights into the location of mineral deposits and sources of geothermal energy. Urban nature has developed into a typical and new form of nature shaped by humans. Urban ecosystems today are often more biodiverse than rural habitats of past eras: foxes, tawny owls, and raccoons are no longer an unusual sight in Munich or Berlin.

As cities expand they replace important ecosystems. Photo created by Mathias Walendy. Bees suffer considerably from the destruction of their natural habitats and from monocultures and climate change. But bees are important. Albert Einstein thought that if bees vanished, humankind would perish within four years. The reason for this assumption is that if bees become extinct, many plants will lack pollinators and also become extinct; as a consequence humans and animals will die.

In China, whole swaths of land are now pollenized by people instead of insects.

Nature and Society

Some cities are trying to counteract this development: in Munich, for instance, beehives have been installed on the rooftop of the Gasteig and the Deutsches Museum. Birds, too, are struggling: every seventh bird species is threatened with extinction; in Germany out of local breeding birds are threatened. Rural Sociology Chandler, D. Beyond neoliberalism: resilience, the new art of governing complexity.

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