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A Worldwide Community Stay connected with the school and learn about alumni trips and benefits. Clothing First Aid Gear Publications. Apply now. Discover new challenges in the Alaskan wilderness Start your next adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. Stay tuned for upcoming course dates. Kitchen view as seen from camp one evening with huge mountains in the background. Hiking in a valley in the Brooks Range in Alaska.

Notable Peaks

Stream tumbling over rocks with the snow-capped peaks of Alaska's Brooks Range rising in the background. Students and folding canoes silhouetted by the setting sun on a rocky shore in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. The Brooks Range in Alaska offers spectacular views of mountains and rivers. The sun sets over the Brooks Range in Alaska.

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Tents nestled in a valley in the Brooks range. The sun casts a golden hue while a rainbow appears in Alaska.

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  • Backpack Western Brooks Range Alaska | Sierra Club Outings.

Brooks Range hiking leaves ample opportunities to observe the natural florals. Three backpackers hike up a rocky slope in Alaska's Brooks Range with mountains rising in the background.

Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

A beautiful valley in the Brooks range in Alaska. Students backpack up a rocky slope in Alaska. Apply Now. Yukon Backpacking and Wilderness Canoe Take full advantage of the Yukon Backpacking and Wilderness Canoe Take full advantage of the remote, pristine Yukon wilderness on this self-supported day expedition. This course is perfect for students wanting to develop two distinct skills—hiking and canoeing—be out for a month without re-supply, and Yukon Mountaineering and Whitewater Canoeing This action-packed combo course is Yukon Mountaineering and Whitewater Canoeing This action-packed combo course is split between a mountaineering section and a whitewater canoeing section.

Alaska Packrafting Packrafting is at the forefront The trip will begin and end in Kotzebue, Alaska, where we'll meet our bush pilot and be shuttled to an improved by Alaskan standards gravel strip at the foot of the Wulik Peaks. The upper Wulik Peaks area forms an ideal round-trip based on two main tributaries and a low pass between them.

The leaders have extensive hiking experience and our diaries from past trips describe the best campsites, berry patches, and fishing holes along the way.

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  4. In the past, there were complaints about the fish being too large for our frying pans and the berries being too much of a distraction from the hiking routine. We may not have those problems this year -- but don't count on it! Trip members are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the trip's starting point, arriving in Kotzebue at least a day before the start of the trip and departing from Kotzebue the day after the last day of the trip. The leader will provide details on flight options to registered participants.

    Arctic air travel, commercial or charter, is not always on schedule and luggage is occasionally delayed. It is strongly advised that you allow leeway for delayed luggage due to weather conditions at both the beginning and end of the trip. Round-trip charter flights between Kotzebue and the Wulik backcountry are included in the trip fee. Please do not make non-refundable travel arrangements until notified to do so by the trip leader.

    The Sierra Club furnishes stoves, pots, fuel, and first-aid kit. As usual on Sierra Club outings, all members will help with cooking and clean-up.

    Brooks Range - Wikipedia

    Food while in the field is included in the trip fee. Trip members should notify the leader of any special dietary requirements. While fishing is a trip highlight, this is not primarily a fishing trip nor are the leaders fishing guides. Participants are expected to be self-sufficient in regards to fishing and cleaning their catch. As with all food preparation, the leaders will assist with cooking.

    Lodging for the two nights before and the night after the trip is not included in the trip price. The leader plans to reserve rooms at an Anchorage bed-and-breakfast for these nights. More details on these arrangements will follow. The trip will be moderately strenuous, but due to the highly variable nature of arctic weather and cross-country travel, some backpacking days may be strenuous.

    In this vast wilderness area, there are no trails except those made by wildlife. Therefore you should be in good physical condition and have backpacking experience. Our route will cover approximately 50 miles, which can be hiked in six or seven travel days. This will allow several layover days to explore with daypacks.

    Mainly, we will hike on river bars and tundra. The trip makes a circuit by crossing a low pass with a total elevation change of less than 1, feet between the two major tributaries of the Wulik headwaters. Stream wading will be necessary; be prepared for the possibility of wet feet on travel days.

    Brooks Range Traverse 2018

    Elevation changes will be moderate. Each person must carry his or her personal gear not to exceed 35 pounds plus about pounds of food and community gear. Summer in the Brooks Range is generally moderate in temperature, although cold, stormy periods can occur. Be prepared to be out and active in the rain. Temperatures can range from the 30s to the 70s, although wind chill can make it feel colder. Proper equipment, thoroughly field-tested before the trip, is critical.

    Personal gear must not weigh more than 35 pounds, including cameras and other hand-carried items. Participants must provide their own backpack, sleeping bag, tent, rain gear, and other camping necessities.

    Dalton Discoveries: The Brooks Range

    A complete packing list will be sent to registered participants. Some of these titles are out of print, but may be available at major libraries. Contact the leaders for an additional list of Alaska books related to specific topics of interest such as geology, climate, history, and wildlife. Alaska is a major conservation battleground. Throughout the state, issues of national significance involving wilderness protection, oil and mineral development, and forest and wildlife management receive high priority from the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations.

    As well they should -- Alaska's public lands belong to all Americans. One of our objectives is to inform participants of these issues so they'll become advocates for this very special land.

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    Of particular concern to us is the effect of a major mining operation on adjacent wilderness. In part, we will travel through unprotected lands once intended for inclusion in the Noatak Preserve, but left out because of their extensive mineral deposits. The mile haul road for ore concentrate from the Red Dog Mine is currently a real concern for both native communities and the Park Service.

    The haul road now forms the nucleus for further development of additional metal mines and even coal, and ore dust from the current concentrate hauling has been leaving a heavy metal residue on the adjacent tundra.