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19 Ch 17 Regency of Arran Short History of Scotland, A Andrew Lang

Tenants at Corriecravie and Tormore were relieved of the collective responsibility of debt and he also offered incentives i. His plans were in preparation for the new land divisions planned for This made travel much easier and increased the use of wheeled vehicles as opposed to heavy wooden sledges. This frightening scenario probably prompted the religious revival lead by the Rev. Neil McBride.

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As leases expired the old runrig system began to disappear. Progress indeed. A steady trickle of islanders had been emigrating to North America over the years but it was the notorious clearances that caused the greatest exodus. Glenree had already experienced the replacement of people by sheep but it was in that the group which seems to have made the greatest impact when talking of Arran and the Clearances trudged from their homes in North Sannox, laden with everything from bibles to spinning wheels, to Lamlash, where the ships waited.

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Half their fares were paid for by the Duke of Hamilton; the men were given tobacco and the women tea. The ancestors of these people still visit Arran and their story in Canada and in Arran will never be forgotten. As the Arran immigrants arrived in Canada and began their new life, travel to Arran was becoming easier. With each season more vessels ran to Arran. Passengers were ferried from ship to shore, probably with some upsets.

It is impossible to believe that everyone had a dry landing! Previously the southend had the greatest density but now there was a swing towards Brodick and Lamlash.

Arran History by Thorbjorn Campbell

A visitor to Brodick complained that it took fifteen enquiries to find accommodation and that the rents were enormous. Lochranza was finally connected, in , to Sannox and so to Brodick by the Bouguillie Road. Many islanders were still living in poverty and many emigrated.

The arm of the law reached out to Arran and in the first policeman stepped off the ferry, hopefully onto dry land! These villages buzzed with activity as the graceful Clyde steamers docked and unloaded holidaymakers, cattle, sheep and horses, but it was not until that the first car was landed on Arran.

Education became compulsory between the ages of 5 and They were eventually granted security of tenure in High tech appeared in the form of a telephone connection between Brodick Castle and Dougarie Lodge and by there was a mainland link. After the death of the 12th Duke of Hamilton, in , many restrictions regarding building were lifted and new homes promptly sprang up. In Brodick Castle installed a private turbine to provide electricity, but it was , before the Arran Light and Power Company brought electric power to Arran with Brodick being the first village to benefit.

To encourage tourism a Guide Book was published and an ecological scare occurred when a stranded oil tanker leaked benzine at Bennan Head. Charabancs appeared on the roads taking visitors on tours of Arran and tractors appeared on the farms. We revived the tradition when we built our new distillery in Lochranza, at the north end of the island.

When a three-year old cask was opened on 25th July , our guests enjoyed the first legal dram of Arran whisky in over years. We now produce a range of ages and expressions, but all are made using the same traditional methods and materials. We always use all-Scottish barley and the washbacks - large wooden vessels used for fermentation - are crafted from Oregon pine. Distillation takes place in tall, swan-necked copper stills and our whisky matures in carefully-chosen oak casks that have previously held Sherry, Bourbon and other noble liquors.

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In June we celebrated our 21st anniversary and the christening of 'Rowan House' a brand new blending and tasting building in the grounds of our Lochranza Distillery. We are now in the process of building our second distillery at Lagg, at the south end of the Isle of Arran. It is expected to open at Easter in Times have never been more exciting for us. First spirit ran through the spirit safe at 2.

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The first manager, Mr P Macdonald was brought over from "where he had one of the finest hotels in Glasgow by the Marquis of Douglas for whom he had been a yeoman" and he became a much respected member of the community. This coincided with the removal of the island landing in from below Brodick Castle at the other side of Brodick Bay to its current pier location consequently encouraging an embryonic tourist trade. The 2. A small two storey extension to the west and rear was added again matching the red sandstone and slate and mimicking the details of the original development.